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Handmade Wuyi Rock Big Red Robe Oolong Tea

Item Code:BN8083

Origin:Taiwan, China

Standard:EU / USDA

MOQ:Factory direct supplying, small MOQ of 2kg is available

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Product Introduction

Item Name:

Roasted Wuyi Cliff Da Hong Pao Oolong  Tea

Item Code:



Fujian, China

Harvest time(season)



bright red-black


big loose tea leaves in curly


Prevent from sunshine, best be -0 centi degree, and air-tight

Brew vessel

Teapot, tea cup / mug, Gaiwan


250g per sealed aluminium / kraft bag or per customers' required.


Factory direct supplying, MOQ 2kg


Can, tin, gift box and any OEM / ODM packages are possible

Product Feature


100% natural well-selected half-mature tea leaves processed in traditional way, without additives


Conform with USA,Europe Standard.


Factory direct supplying, small MOQ of 2kg is available


Factory direct sell, First hand products Competitive prices


Customized package, Tea Sachet on-the-go, OEM / ODM services are available

Da Hong Pao belongs to Oolong (Also called Wulong cha in Chinese) family. It is one of the top ten Chinese teas and was once portrayed as ‘Royal tea’ as a result of its low production and rich flavor. It grows on Wu Yi rocky mountains, therefore it also belongs to a special group of teas called Wu Yi rock Tea (also called as Wu Yi cliff tea).
Its brew is in lightly reddish brown color. Terms used to describe its favor include fragrant, roasted, nutty and tenderly sweet, followed by a lingering after taste. A nice cup of Da Hong Pao is pure indulgence.


Our " Hot Selling Famous Roasted Wuyi Cliff Da Hong Pao Oolong Tea Big Red Robe " is a traditional middle charcoal heat baked Dahongpao tea, it is not the highest grade but it's most popular as its most acceptable price & high quality.    It's ideal for medium consumer market and cliff tea beginners. 

* Application: This tea is supplied for medium-high grade restaurants and tea houses, or entertain guests at home

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