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Meast populêr Fuding GongMei wite tee foar it sammeljen fan tee

Item koade: BN8096

Oarsprong: Fujian, Sina

Standert: EU / USDA

MOQ: Direkte levering fan fabryk, lytse MOQ fan 2kg is beskikber

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Meast populêr Fuding GongMei wite tee foar it sammeljen fan tee

Item koade:



Fujian, Sina

Oerstiid (seizoen)

Early Spring, around Tomb-sweeping day


white-grey tea, with rich peoke


silver-needle shape tea bud


Foarkom fan sinneskyn, -5 centi graad, luchtdicht


Teapot, tea cup / mug, Gaiwan


100 g, 18 brews , per cake well wrapped or per customers' required.


Factory direct supplying, MOQ 10 pieces is available


Piramide teepûdtsje, OEM / ODM pakketten wurde aksepteare

produkt Feature


100% natural well-selected fresh tips tea processed in traditional way, without additives


Konformearje mei Feriene Steaten, Jeropa Standert.


Fabriek direkte leverjen, lytse MOQ fan 2kg is beskikber


Fabriek direkte ferkeap, First hand produkten Konkurrerende prizen


Oanpast pakket, Tea Sachet ûnderweis, OEM / ODM tsjinsten binne beskikber

Why is the silver-need white tea full of silver peoke?

The silver microvilli is nourishing, it's from the super tender tea leaves or tea leaves back, the richer peoke the higher grade tea it's.   The silver need tea was hand-picked around the tomb-sweeping day, the tea bud is super tender, covered with white peoke, and the white tea is one of the driest tea which shows the peoke utmost. 

BENUO's silver needle tea was from small gardens Fuding, Fujian province, processed in the most trational way, natural dry, not rolled.

Brouwerij gids:  Can be 10 infusions or more by gaiwan, cup.  Brew the tea with 90 centi-degree boiled water and wait for at least 1 minute, because the silver-needle white tea was not rolled, the tea liquor releases slower than other teas;   The concentration of tea soup is proportional to the amount of tea, suggest to brew the tea according to personal taste.

 To maintain the freshness and bright color, it is suggested to be specially airtight stored in the refrigeration at -5℃ degree.

* Oanfraach: This tea is supplied for high grade restaurants and tea houses, ideal for our daily drinking.  It's collectable.

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