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Best Healthy Oolong Tea with Biodegradable Pyramid Teabag

Codi de l'article: BN8087

Origen: Fujian, Xina

Estàndard: UE / USDA

MOQ: subministrament directe de fàbrica, hi ha disponible un petit MOQ de 2 kg

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Introducció de producte


Nom de l'ítem:

Top Grade Autumn Rhyme Flavor Fujian Ti Kwan Yin Oolong Tea

Codi de l'ítem:



Anxi Fujian, China

Temps de collita (temporada)



glossy appearance, with granulated green color, red spots and white frost


High quality plentiful tender leaves, clearly visible one bud with two or three half-mature leaves, tightly knitted balls shape looks like dragonfly's head.  


Eviteu el sol, millor de -0 centi graus i hermètic

Vaixell cerveser

Tetera, tassa / tassa de te, Gaiwan


250g per food grade vaccum pack. bags into export cartons 


Subministrament directe de fàbrica, MOQ 2 kg


Bossa de te piramidal, s’accepten paquets OEM / ODM

Característiques del producte


Fulles de te mig madures ben seleccionades 100% naturals processades de manera tradicional, sense additius


Conforme amb EUA, Europa estàndard.


Subministrament directe de fàbrica, hi ha disponible un petit MOQ de 2 kg


Venda directa de fàbrica, productes de primera mà preus competitius


Hi ha disponibles paquets personalitzats, sobres de te en moviment, serveis OEM / ODM

Tieguanyin Tea  ( also named: Iron Goddess of Mercy,  Ti Kuan Yin,  Tit Kwun Yum, Ti Kwan Yin, Iron Buddha, Iron Goddess Oolong, and  Tea of the Iron Bodhisattva, Ming Nan Oolong ). 


Our Tie Guan Yin Tea was from Anxi in Fujian Province, Tieguanyin tea is one of China's 10 famous teas. It is so popular in some countries that it is synonymous with oolong tea.  It has a unique taste called Guanyin Rhyme (Yin Yun), which can be described as outstanding orchid fragrance and nectar sweet taste.


Our factory only applies one bud with 2 or 3 leaves, when the buds at the top of a bush reach one-third to half the size of a mature leaf. 


 Harvesting can take place 4 times a year:

    Spring tea (Chun Cha or Jade) from mid April to mid May

    Mid summer tea (Xia Cha) from mid June to mid July

    Late summer tea (Shu Cha) in August

    Autumn tea (Qiu Cha) from mid September to mid October

So you may would like to ask that Which season yields the best tea?

Spring tea is the tastiest, but autumn tea is more fragrant.

Summer tea is the lowest quality and cheap price, Benuo never sell late summer as autumn tea as other vendors.

Spring tea is the most abundant and makes up 45% to 50% of annual production. Autumn tea is the rarest and makes up 10% to 15% of annual production.  That affects autumn tieguanyin tea costs more than spring tea.

* Sol·licitud: This tea is ideal for first class tea house, restaurant, and serious oolong tea lovers daily drinking.